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To my foster children

The doorbell rang and you were here,
You looked afraid, I was a stranger,
I held you close and wiped a tear,
I’d keep you safe and free from danger.

We had to learn about each other,
Reports I’d read were hard to take,
I was your carer, not your mother,
I’d hold your hand, first steps we’d make.

As time went on your trust I’d build,
Our rules you didn’t understand,
With tears and joy my home was filled,
We all were there to hold your hand.

The seasons passed, I watched you grow,
Old fears began to melt away,
Our mutual love began to show,
I knew with is you couldn’t stay.

Decisions made, a home to find,
I’d tell you of a brand new mother,
You’d be there always on my mind,
Our special bond was like no other.

I hear about you here and there,
You’ve learned to swim, long hair has grown,
Your faded memories of my care,
You’re where its meant, with wings you’ve flown.

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