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Overview of Alternative Family Care Service

Our Alternative Family Care Service is comprised of four teams:

Recruitment, Assessment and Training Team

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer it will be this team who will support you through this process. We run regular pre-approval training courses called Skills to Foster and you will also be able to link in with a number of other courses which will enable you to understand the role of the foster carer. Our staff will talk you through these.

Temporary Carers Team

If approved as a temporary or respite foster carer you will be transferred to this team and allocated a supervising social worker. Your worker will provide you with support to provide a high level of care to the children who are placed with you and be able to develop your skills as a foster carer.

Permanent Carers Team

If you are approved as a Permanent Carer you will be transferred to this team and allocated a supervising social worker. The support you will be given will be similar to the Temporary Carers team and we will work closely with you to ensure you can provide a stable and secure family environment for children until they can move on to independence.

Kinship Team

Our Kinship Team assesses, supports and provides training to kinship carers. Foster carers often work alongside kinship carers, helping children and young people return to the care of their wider family network.

We also work closely with other professionals within Aberdeen City Council who are connected to the lives of children be it from health, education or other linked in services. If you are a carer from outwith Aberdeen City we will also discuss how we can best support you as well.
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