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Yvonne and Peter

We have been a fostering family for 7 and a half years, and have seen many children come and go in that time.
We love that our home has more than enough love to share with all the children who come to us. We love watching a child develop and grow and overcome obstacles and being able to see the changes happen and helping them to know what family life can be like. It’s the most challenging and emotionally difficult thing we have ever done, but the rewards outweigh all of those.
If you are thinking about fostering, make that phone call, ask those questions. Fostering is an amazing way to show children and young people that there is hope for the future. Providing children with a safe, warm and loving environment that meets their physical needs and helps them build positive attachments and helps them blossom and grow.
All children deserve a chance in this world.
All children deserve a family.

Jennifer and Richard

How we became foster carers is a simple one, throughout the years I have always had an interest in fostering through my work as a nursery nurse…but it never seemed to be the right time.
By the time we did apply our boys had grown up and were doing their own things, and we were in our late 50’s. We did wonder if we would be considered too old…. apparently not! Friends and family said they thought we were mad going back to looking after youngsters again…but all that changed when I met the little girl we now foster, she is just one of the family as far as they and we are concerned.
 We are also lucky to have a wide network of foster carers in the area and for this first year a great buddy mentor who were willing to share their combined knowledge with us “newbies” for which I will be eternally grateful – especially in those first few months.
Off course it hasn’t all been plain sailing, and we have definitely learnt on the job but I can safely say its never boring and that no two days are the same. Will we keep going when our wee one moves on??? Definitely! We get such job satisfaction at the end of the day and have found that not only have we started a new venture, but we get a new lease of life and made new friends as well.


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