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One of our care experienced young people shares her experiences and views on fostering:


I’ve been through about 6 foster carers from when I was 10 till I was mid-17. I was quite confused and unsure of what anything was in this world. I was scared and little shy because I didn’t know who these strangers where or why I was taken away from my mum and dad. Growing up I realised that why I was taken away from my parents was for a serious reason.
That’s when I learned how a real family were supposed to live naturally and I started to see and understand so much more about life. Who I am today was because of my foster carers. Even though there was some arguments I’m still happy because I learned I was never given up on by them.

What has been your experience of being fostered?

Personally, I think it’s been good! I got to get experience from other families on how they lived, and I got to feel as though I was part of their family, got to endure on the feeling that I was wanted and cared for and that I felt safe and warm. Yes, there was some bad times but I feel that’s healthy, it showed that me and them were close and it also showed that I was a part of them.

How do you think this has impacted your life?

I think it impacted on my life in a good way! Who I am today, how well I’m managing to budget, keep a flat and keep a job is all from my foster carers. Just from living with them and getting creative ways to living independently has helped me mature and grow up into a responsible young lass, all because they took their job seriously and did a really great job of it. Also the compassion, love and kindness they showed, showed me that I can do it and I was capable of living a life knowing I’m worth it because they never gave up on me.

Do you think more people should foster?

Yes, I do. To me, the way I see it is, imagine there’s a group of children and young people without a family, the lack of foster carers in the city is like there isn’t enough for every child to be taken in and loved and I feel every child deserves a home regardless of who the family is. I feel it’s important for everyone to find a loving family to look after them till they can find their own two feet because no one should be alone or unwanted it’s only fair.
I’m actually a little upset, I understand it’s a big responsibility and it’s not easy for foster carers to take on such a job but we need more families to help us young people to find our way through life and to find our own two feet, because regardless of who we are, we are lost and we need your guidance and it’s only fair if there was enough of yous for us all to get a family we can feel safe with.

If you were able to encourage more people in the City to find out more about fostering, what would you say?

We do need more loving and caring families, and yes not every family is perfect but it’s the weakness we have that makes us show compassion and kindness to help each other build up our confidence and hope; that’s how us young people can hold on. Every young person needs a family to show us guidance through life and to have a responsible role model to show us that we are worthy of equal rights as any other child. I don’t feel it’s fair for us to lose everything just because our parents couldn’t do what is required of them to then be alone without someone to help us!
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