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Children placed with their adoptive families have often experienced trauma and loss, caring for them can at times provide different challenges. We want to be able to support you to be able to meet the needs of any child placed with you and also grow as an adopted family. As such we offer
  • An opportunity to meet with staff and carers to talk about adoption to ensure it is right for you
  • A training programme prior to and during your assessment to help you understand what is fully involved in becoming an adoptive parent
  • An assessing worker who will work alongside you to make sure that we get to know you as much as we possibly can to ensure that we can make the right match between you and a child
  • A comprehensive training programme which fits in with your on-going commitments
  • A Buddy/Mentor scheme which links you in with an experienced adopter
  • Financial support if required
  • An allocated social worker, who will provide on-going support to you through the family finding, matching and legal process
  • An opportunity to access information from other professional bodies such as medical, education and legal
  • Access to support in an Out of Hours Service
  • Membership of an Adopter Support Group
  • An opportunity to become involved in recruitment and training of other prospective adopters
  • Links to other support networks applicable to your own circumstances if required
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