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Are there different types of Kinship Care?

Yes, there are and this is all dependent on how the child or young person came or is coming to live with you:

Kinship care of a ‘’looked after’’ child/young person

A child/young person becomes ‘’looked after’’ when social workers or the Children’s Hearing Panel have been involved.  The child or young person  may be on a Supervision Order with a condition that they live with the kinship carer. Aberdeen City Council is responsible for each ‘’looked after’’ child/young person. It has a duty to safeguard the child/young person’s health and wellbeing and direct and guide the carer in order to meet the child/young person’s needs. The local authority is required by law to convene regular ‘’looked after’’ reviews which have responsibility for setting down the child/young person’s plan in response to their assessed needs. Carers of ‘’looked after’’ children/young people are entitled to financial support called a kinship allowance.

Kinship care of a ‘’non-looked after’’ child/young person 

A child/young person  becomes ‘’non –looked after’’ when the kinship carer has been to  Court and received some or all parental rights and  responsibilities and rights of the children through a Section 11 (Residence order), the child/young person could have previously been ‘’looked after’’.
In case of ‘’non-looked after’’ children/young people Aberdeen City Council may not be involved with the care of the child/young person to such an extent unless there are concern’s for the child/young person’s safety. Carers of ‘’non-looked after’’ children/young person may be entitled to financial support, and are entitled to some other supports, guidance and advice.

Private (Informal) kinship care

The child/young person’s parents and the carer made a private arrangement between themselves. If the carer intends to care for the chid for more then 28 days they must notify the Local Authority of this arrangement.
In these circumstances the kinship carer is not entitled to an allowance from us but we would recommend that you contact Citizens Advice Scotland for a full benefits check.
Aberdeen City Council has the same responsibilities towards children in private kinship arrangements as it has towards all children in the same area.
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