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Financial Questions

Kinship carers of ‘’looked after’’ children/ young people and some kinship carers of ‘’non-looked after’’ children/young peope are entitled to a Kinship Care Allowance. This allowance is to cover the social and emotional needs of the child. The rates of the allowance vary depending on the age of the child and are based on the fostering allowance rates within the same area to ensure local parity between kinship carers and foster carers.  
Kinship carers must get a full benefit check through Citizens Advice Bureau to apply for child benefit. The amount of the allowance you receive from Aberdeen City Council will depend on the amount of benefits you receive as this will be deducted from your Kinship Allowance. As Universal Credit will soon be rolled out across Aberdeen City, many of our kinship carers will be impacted by this change. The Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to provide support and advice in relation to Universal Credit and what it will mean to you.
Kinship Care Allowance Rates effective for 2019/2020:
Weekly Payment
0-4 years
5-10 years
11-15 years
16-18 years
Carers of children with ‘’non-looked after’’ status are entitled to kinship allowance only if the child is a subject to a section 11 order (Kinship Care Order) and is or was previously ‘’looked after’’, placed with involvement from Aberdeen City Council or at risk of becoming ‘’looked after’’.
Private (informal) kinship carers are not entitled to kinship allowance but may be entitled to other state benefits and tax credits. Further information will be available from Citizen’s Advice Bureau Scotland.
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