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Aberdeen City Council’s Supported Lodgings Scheme is designed for young people aged 16-21.  Young people using the Supported Lodgings Scheme will come from a wide range of backgrounds; some may be leaving residential schools, children’s homes or foster care; some may have become homeless for a variety of reasons.  All of them will have been looked after previously by the Local Authority.
We want all young people to be given the opportunity to live in a nurturing environment, where they will receive help and guidance to enable them to develop the skills necessary for more independent living.
Your role will be to help a young person to develop the life and social skills that will help them to manage their own accommodation in the future, this will include help with cooking, budgeting, keeping appointments and links with family and friends. It is also important to support young people to achieve their potential through accessing education or employment opportunities. A full discussion and plan will be put in place before a young person comes to stay.
We would also ask that you can provide the young person with a room of their own as well as access to communal areas such as kitchen, bathroom and living room.
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