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I am a single person – can I adopt?

Yes, we have had many single people become adopters with Aberdeen City Council and we can put you in touch with them to help you understand the particular strengths and pressures involved

I am LGBT– can I adopt?

Yes, Aberdeen City Council’s priority is to find families who can meet the needs of children and supports same sex adoption. We are looking for carer/s to best meet the needs of children and that this can be achieved by carers from various backgrounds and. Every prospective adopters will have factors unique to them which will be taken into account during the assessment and matching.

I am unemployed – can I adopt?

As part of your assessment we would want to ensure that you have the financial means to care for a child, as long as you are able to evidence this then your employment status is the not the most important issue. We will work closely with you to make sure that you will be able to meet the added financial pressure.

I smoke – can I still adopt?

You can still be an adoptive parent and be a smoker, however we will not place any child under the age of 5 years old, or any child or young person that has respiratory difficulties. Your health and home will be explored as part of your assessment to ensure that you are able to provide a healthy home environment to any child placed with you.

I already have children, what impact will this have?

We work with lots of people who already have children. If your child still lives at home we will fully involve them in the assessment process to make sure that adoption is right for them as well. If your child lives away from home we would still want to make contact with them as well. We would like there to be at least an 18 month – 2 year age gap between your children and an adopted child.

I don’t own my own home – can I adopt?

We must make sure that you are in suitable accommodation to care for a child. You do not need to own your own home but you do need to be in accommodation were you can offer stability and security. This will be explored with you in the early stages of the process.

Can I adopt from abroad?

We have lots of children within the local area and Scotland who are looking for adoptive parents and we would encourage you to explore this option first. However, we can also support you to look at Inter-Country Adoption and information is also available on the Scottish Government website. Initial advice is also available at www.scotgov.co.uk

What financial support is available?

Prospective adopters are expected to have the financial resources to meet the practical needs of caring for a child into adulthood. However, dependent on the individual child and prospective adopter’s circumstances, some prospective adopters might be entitled to an adoption allowance or pre-adoption allowance, as well as financial assistance during the introductions and transition phase and in regard to reasonable legal costs.

I have a criminal record – can I adopt?

As part of the adoption process we will undertake a police check. Not all criminal convictions will stop you from adopting, but people with a history of sexual offences and/or cruelty to children will not be considered.

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