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I live on my own - can I still foster?

Yes, we have many carers, male and female who are single.  We will want to make sure that you have a good support network as fostering can be challenging but this is the same for everyone who applies.

I’m in my 50’s – is that too old?

Not at all – We have foster carer in the 50’s and 60’s

Do I need a big house?

No, it doesn’t matter if you live in a flat or house, if you rent or own your home.  We would ask that children have their own room, however at the start of the process we will visit your home to make sure it is appropriate

Can I still work?

We have many foster carers that still work so this is not necessarily a problem.  However you will need to consider how you will manage both the commitments of work and fostering.  We can help you with this and also link you in with other foster carers who work.

Can I have pets?

Having pets is not a barrier to becoming a foster carer and can often provide children/young people positive experiences.  This will need to be considered when we are matching you with children and young people, and a health and safety check will be completed to ensure that there is no risk to children/young people.

I smoke – will this rule me out of being a foster carer

You can still be a foster carer and be a smoker, however we will not place any child under the age of 5 years old, or any child or young person that has respiratory difficulties. Your health and home will be explored as part of your assessment to ensure that you are able to provide a healthy home environment to any child placed with you.

Do I need to be able to drive?

We do have carers that do not drive, however there may be school, a variety of meetings and contact with family members to attend which can prove difficult. Please do not see this as an obstacle however as we can discuss this with you and again link you in with other foster carers in similar circumstances.

Am I employed by Aberdeen City Council?

No, you will be considered as self-employed and will need to register yourself as such.  You will also be required to register to pay National Insurance contributions.

I have children – how could this affect them?

Many of our foster carers have children. It is important that you talk to them about fostering from the beginning and we have staff who work specifically with Sons and Daughters of foster carers. It is essential they understand what is involved and decide if it is right for them.  Sons and Daughters support will be available while the family continue to foster.

What checks are carried out?

We will carry out:

  • PVG Checks on potential foster carers and Disclosure Checks on anyone else in the household over the age of 16 years
  • Medicals – carried out by your own GP
  • Local Authority Checks in addresses you have lived since the age of 16 years old
  • Three personal reference checks
  • Health Visitor/school checks for your own children
  • Ex-partner check if children were involved
  • Employment checks if involved with children or vulnerable adults
  • Health and Safety check of home
  • Pet questionnaire.
  • Any other appropriate checks where applicable

Can same-sex couples become foster carers?

Yes – we do not base our decisions on sexual orientation.

What help will I get?

We will provide you with:

  • A Supervising Social Worker
  • A buddy/mentoring scheme for the first year
  • Training
  • Annual Review
  • Regular Supervision
  • Support for Sons & Daughters
  • We ask that you become member of “The Fostering Network”
  • A competitive payment for skills scheme
  • Out of Hours Social Work support
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